Data to Insights to enable
Faster Decisions that Empower Growth
for Greater Success

We believe data analytics takes you only so far. What if, instead, leaden data could be transformed into valuable IP that gives you tangible, measurable advantage?
We call that data alchemy at work


We are a proven Partner for Data Analytics Solutions and Data Driven Applications.

As a strategic Research & Development partner, we help you leverage our Data Sciences,
Software Engineering and diverse Domain Expertise for the creation of intellectual
property to transforms your business for greater success.

Our skills at a glance

Data plus math and statistics only gets you machine learning, Data Science is about discovery and building knowledge, which requires some motivating questions about the world and hypotheses that can be brought to data and tested with statistical methods.

Data scientists at dAlchemy have the very
essential skills needed to be fully competent

our methodology

Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations outperform their peers by 5% in productivity and 6% in profitability. Our methodology ensures the best leverage of data and analytics in your enterprise.

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