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As your strategic research & development partner, we leverage our Data Sciences, Software Engineering and Domain Expertise for the creation of intellectual property to transform your business for greater success.

Lead Scoring
Our Patent pending predictive analytics engine can process your rich customer data to generate highly accurate results. The powerful cloud based solution is easy to use and easy to integrate with your existing CRM software
Manufacturing process
We can answer multiple questions on manufacturing "can you understand the relationship between power consumed and efficiency of a production unit", "what was the scrap produced by a unit vs the power consumed and hours of operation"
Translating Sensors
What is the performance of your sensor? Is anomalous data being detected due to prevalent conditions or sensor performance? Detect prevalent conditions like lack of irrigation on soil sensors. Analytics for Sensor Tuning and Calibration
Anomaly Detection
This is a unique and powerful analytics based solution. Our solution discovered 20+ parameters which impacted power consumption and helped tune lighting solutions. This resulted in better power savings increasing profitability
Text Mining
Understand preferences of your consumer using text inputs and responses on merchandise from consumers. Provide more personalised shopping options. Increase the ease of browsing through catalogs and probability of sale
Customer Segmentation
What would be the most likely response to a particular Ad creator? What impacts the click-through-rate (CTR)? What impacts install rate? Can you capture aspects of a creative and consumer response to different aspects and hence optimise Ad placements


Lead Scoring

Our Patent Pending predictive analytics scoring engine can process your rich customer data to generate highly accurate lead evaluation.

Predictable revenue forecasts allow faster but controlled growth
Focussed effort on prospects with high probability of conversion
Insights from dA-Score on customer preferences help in insight generation

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